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Bales Family

Monday, November 26, 2012

Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Now that it's been 4 months I think I should update on the blog about the move.  February 1st we moved to a remote, tiny, old coal mining town called Price Utah.  Vern got a promotion and is now head of the business department here for CEU-USU Eastern.  Although I miss my old life in Logan I have to admit it hasn't been too horrible.  Other things in my life were stressful around the time of the move which was making this move harder then it should have been.  I really miss my clients and the relationships I had with them.  And my sister and her family.  But Price itself isn't too bad. I really like my ward here, everyone has been really nice.  I am now serving with the Sunbeams and Activity Days.
  Here are a few things we have enjoyed so far. I appologize that this post is so long but I just wanted to play catch up.
At Elsie's new school they are the Castle Heights Knights.  This knight is in the library.
 This Giant Knight is at the entrance of the school.  It's pretty cool.
 Here we are having lunch with Elsie.  She didn't have all day Kindergarten in Logan so she didn't get to eat school lunch yet.  She loved it!

Next thing we have really loved is the Prehistoric Museum.  Since Vern works for the college we can go there for free and we are there a lot since Gwen LOVES Dinosaurs.  We brought my niece and nephew there while they were here.
 All of these dinosaurs were found around the Utah area. 
 The Native American section is all the artifacts found around the Price area. 

The girls love to come here and talk to the paleontologists and ask questions.  I guess I don't have a picture of them but they have a alligator, sea turtle and monitor lizard.  The Museum let people watch feed them, it's pretty cool but my girls got sad to see the baby mice die.

Wave Pool
I guess I only have video of the wave pool but we bought an annual pass so we are here all the time.  Well, I should say we used to be they took the winter dome off so now we have to pay attention to the weather, which has been windy lately.  In Logan we went swimming once a week at the college for free and we are going swimming here about as often.  Elsie is an excellent swimmer.
The inside has a climbing wall the girls have fun with.

Last weekend we took a trip to the dinosaur quarry.  11 different species of dinosaurs have been found that this particular quarry.  46 Allosaurus' have been found in this quarry.  The Allosaurus is the one behind my family.

 There were paleontologist from Wisconsin studying a new bone.  They explained how the plaster works and how they preserve the bones, prints. eggs etc.

Nine Mile Canyon

When we moved to Price one of the fun things I had heard to do was visit 9 Mile Canyon.  It is really close to Price and full of ancient pictographs (paintings) and petroglyphs (carved or pecked figures).  Most of the major markings are marked with a sign but not all of them.  We found these first few on our own. We think they aren't as old as the major ones.  The Utes were the most recent to live in this canyon.  But most of the rock art is from the Fremont tribe who lived in the canyon from 200 AD to 1200 AD. Many modern native people consider these rock art sites sacred. In the Prehistoric Museum in Price there is a lot of ancient artifacts found from this area. 
 We tried to make up our own story from the pictures.  The girls liked that :)

Here are a few from the Daddy Canyon Complex

The Great Hunt panel is the most famous.  It has appeared in National Geographic magazine and has been used numerous times as an example of Fremont rock art. 

 Big Buffalo site

This desert canyon is gorgeous and we had such a great day learning about it's history,  It was perfect weather. I had a great Memorial Day with my cute family.